woensdag 22 april 2009

Done lots of things

Ten days ago I managed to get the whole family and one guest into our van. That would only make sense if we actually drove of and so we did... to Tilburg. We visited the Knitted worlds exhibition in the Textielmuseum. They have a nice blog http://knittedworlds.blogspot.com/ and an amazing museum. The knitted worlds exhibition was a bit smaller than I thought but quite interesting and very different. We saw more bodyparts than can be expected to find in a textile museum! It was unforunately not allowed to take any pictures in the exhibition part of the museum.
We could take pictures in the other parts of the museum where we knitted on a project wich wil turn out to be a knitted "videogame". Ronja friend Myrthe learnt how to knit on the spot in about five minutes! Both eleven year old girls really enjoyed our visit to knitted worlds. The became really inspired by everything the saw, especially in the museumshop.

I have also been knitting in the allotment and at the footbal (soccer) field . I will be knitting at the conference in Delft tomorrow http://www.ugame-ulearn.com/nl/index.asp .
If I'm not knitting I might be reading Twilight by Stephenie Myers and afterwards I could be making Edward http://www.ravelry.com/projects/deadcraft/twilight---edward-cullen-doll.

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